Custom HSA Provider Due Diligence Reports

Access Point HSA will create an HSA Provider Analysis Report that presents detailed, objective information on various HSA providers that most closely match the characteristics and priorities obtained through our HSA Provider Questionnaire. The Custom HSA Provider Analysis Report will include the following:

  • Detailed information (including investments) on a minimum of three HSA products that most closely meet the characteristics/criterium provided
  • A side-by-side comparison of the various HSA products
  • Contact information for each HSA provider
  • A written narrative supporting the inclusion of the various HSA products in the report
  • Access Point will participate in one, 1-hour phone/web call to review the process and findings of the report

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the source of information on the various HSA products?

Access Point HSA created the “HSA Vista” database in 2015. Since that time, Access Point has developed working relationships with the leading HSA providers to remain current with their HSA product offerings. Access Point will utilize HSA Vista in order to determine which HSA products most closely fit the parameters set by our client.

How much time is required for Access Point HSA to deliver the final Report to the client?

Access Point HSA will deliver the final report to the client via a pdf format within ten business days.

In addition to the actual HSA Provider Analysis Report, does Access Point HSA provide any other services to the client?

Access Point will participate in one, 1-hour phone/webinar call to review the process and findings of the report.

Do any HSA providers listed on the Vista database pay Access Point HSA to be included in the search process?

No. The HSA Vista database is comprised of top HSA providers regardless of any financial incentive or payment process.

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$299.00 - CHSA® Member
$499.00 - Non-CHSA® Member

Advisor Information

If you are a CHSA Member, please enter your Certification/Member number.

Client Priorities

Please assign a priority value from 1–10 to each provider criteria below, with 1 signifying "not important" and 10 signifying "most important."

Total HSA assets under management by the provider.
Minimum cash balance that must be maintained in HSA before account holders can invest assets.
Provider gives account holders the ability to automatically “sweep” some amount of funds from their cash account to their investments on a cyclical basis (monthly, quarterly, annually).
Provider offers account holders the ability to invest a self-directed brokerage account (ex. TD Ameritrade or Charles Schwab).
Provider allows an adviser, broker or other agent the opportunity to select an investment menu different from its standard investment menu.
Fee charged by provider to account holders who invest a portion or all the funds in their HSA.
The provider shares a portion of administrative revenue.
The provider makes its HSA available to individuals who are not affiliated with an employer.
Similar to overdraft protection for a checking account, HSA On Demand automatically covers eligible expenses for participants with insufficient balances, and accelerated funds are repaid through future contributions.
In addition to an HSA, the provider offers other voluntary products such as Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangements.
Provider offers participants with the opportunity to view together both his or her 401(k) and HSA.
Provider offers participants the opportunity store receipts electronically on its site
Client Characteristics