Certified Health Savings Adviser (CHSA®) Training

Earn the Nationally-Recognized HSA Designation

"There are a lot of conferences and events for advisors to attend, but this was one of the best I have been to in a long time when I consider how to effectively use my time!" Bonnie Treichel, JD
Senior Consultant and CCO, Multnomah Group – Portland, OR
"The information will allow me to more effectively partner with my health and welfare benefits colleagues…and the materials will help me ramp up my marketing efforts with them." Michael Van Der Velden
Senior Vice President, USI Advisors – Seattle, WA

How can I earn the CHSA® Designation?

The CHSA® training/designation program is available via live trainings, as well as an online, self-study program.

Live CHSA® Trainings

Live CHSA® training courses are held throughout the country. The live CHSA® trainings run approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. Contact Access Point HSA to get more details or to schedule a CHSA® training session for your team.

Online Self-Study CHSA® Trainings

For those who would prefer to work on their schedule and at their own pace, the CHSA® training and examination is available via an online self-study. The online self-study CHSA® is identical to that of the live trainings.

The fee for the online self-study CHSA® is $499.00. For information on group discounts, contact Access Point HSA.

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